Stop remembering passwords. You’re more secure that way.


Hacky McHackface I recently received a strange email – One welcoming me back to Facebook. I was an early adopter of Facebook but deactivated my account on privacy grounds many years ago so alarm bells started ringing immediately.   The … Read More

“$1 million USD is not a lot to launch a product.” – Really?


“$1 million USD is not a lot to launch a product” – Keezel   We cringed when we read that. If you did too, read on… Another portable vpn company sent out an email lauding an equity based crowd fund … Read More

This hidden site has been seized: The details on the darknet market takedowns


  If you hadn’t already heard, two of the three largest darknet drug markets got taken down recently; Hansa and Alphabay. Alphabay was doing somewhere in the region of 220-300 million USD in trade per year. Hansa was all set … Read More