InvizBox 2 Pro Technical Specs

InvizBox 2 Pro Technical Specs

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InvizBox 2 Pro Technical Specs

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: 6 Core ARM
  • RAM: 2048MB
  • Input: 12V
  • Ethernet: 1Gbps (WAN) + 4 x 1Gbps LAN
  • WiFi: 11ax Dualband Wifi 6
  • Range: Upto 15m (or ~50ft)
  • Throughput: Up to 1Gbps*

Software Specifications

  • OS: OpenWrt Linux
  • Protocols: OpenVPN + IKEv2 (Wireguard coming soon)
  • Supported VPNs: InvizBox + Supported Partners
  • Modes: VPN, Tor, Clear and Local
  • Updates: Automatic secure updates

Feature list

  • Easy setup
  • Fully Open Source
  • Block ads
  • Multiple WiFI hotspots for different VPN endpoints
  • OpenVPN Instance per WiFi hotspot to fully utilize the multi-core processor
  • Parental controls for kids
  • Each VPN router flashed in our offices for your security
  • OpenVPN with 256Bit AES encryption
  • Patent Pending

* Throughput speed is dependant on connection type, provider, contention and device usage

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