InvizBox Go – 12 Months Premium VPN


Get an InvizBox Go with 1 year Premium VPN service, protecting all of your devices, everywhere. Now with Free Shipping
This will get you an InvizBox Go with USB cable and documentation with online support and includes a 12 month premium VPN subscription.


  • Free Shipping
  • Vastly improved speeds – 5X the compute power, 5X the throughput
  • Use any public WiFi securely
  • Protect all your devices 24 / 7 at home
  • Block ads
  • Charges your mobile devices on the go
  • WiFi extender mode
  • Automatic firmware security updates
  • 10 hour runtime
  • Large 5000mAh battery
  • No limit to the number of connected devices

Free Shipping now. More information is available on our learn more page or grab yourself one now by clicking below.

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