Privacy Statement – InvizBox Privacy Statement

Internet privacy is the reason InvizBox exist. That is why we treat all the personal information and private data of our customers with the utmost care and always in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

If you’ve made it to our site you obviously take privacy seriously and protecting yourself and your online activity are vitally important to you. The best way to protect yourself is to start using our new InvizBox Go which you can purchase here. We highly recommend it!

We also want to assure you that the personal details and site tracking we do is to facilitate the ecommerce functionality and to report on and optimize our website performance. If you have any confusion about, or questions on, our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To further explain our policy we have outlined a few points below for legal clarification and to make you, our user, completely clear about what your rights and expectations are when visiting our site.

1. Information collected

When purchasing an InvizBox device, you will be required to fill in certain fields on our website so that your payment may be processed and delivered – basic stuff like your name and address. The same goes for payment. To receive your device you must provide certain payment information, the standard kind associated with any online purchase. This information will never be used for anything other than the intended purchase process or to contact you directly regarding your purchase or new Products on offer. InvizBox does use website analytics tracking (i.e. Google analytics), to ensure the site is up and running and performing for you, our users. No personally identifiable information is ever collected through this site tracking and is actually against Google’s analytics usage policy. See here, we’re not making this up. We only post links to related websites that are related to our services but we are not responsible for data collected by any websites who are linked from our website, so please proceed with caution when navigating away from As of right now we’re using the Facebook pixel on our web site for a limited time to help us figure out if we’re wasting money. We will stop using it soon.

2. Personal information access

Without your consent, pretty much nobody! But let’s break it down just to be clear… InvizBox will process certain information about you, such as the aforementioned ordering and payment information. This is for our use only, and will never be sold or given to third parties without you explicitly saying we should do so. We will only share your personal details with third parties when necessary for us to process payments for you, or if we are obliged to do so legally by court order.

3. Securing your data

InvizBox will take all reasonable precautions and then some to ensure your personal details are not compromised, lost, misused or altered while under our watch. We use secure servers and encryption for all data transfers internally and with any third party providers. This includes any cross border transfers that might happen during the course of our interactions with you due to your location in relation to the locations of InvizBox website/servers. By usage you will be agreeing to this cross border exchange between yourself, InvizBox & third party providers used. We will constantly improve our processes to do all we can to prevent any breaches of your data and minimize any exposure of data through countries with less than adequate data protection.

4. Your rights

You have the right to request an overview of what data InvizBox have collected from you. You can request this at any time, by e-mailing us at

If you find any of your personal information to be inaccurate or you wish to remove the information we have on you, you can request this by e-mailing We will reply to your request in 7 working days. If there is any reason why your request can’t be completed we will provide as detailed explanation as possible.

5. Contact

InvizBox is registered in the Republic of Ireland and you can reach us at

6. Updates

As this is an ever-changing world in terms of privacy and legal protections this policy is subject to change and you can be updated on all the latest changes by coming back to keep up with any and all changes made.