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Our passionate and dedicated team are continually improving our online security products. Our patented and easy-to-use privacy devices allow you to protect your online world with ease.

Meet our Team

We have over 50 years experience in data security and product development.


Chris has worked for 19 years in the IT sector, primarily in software quality assurance and has worked for the last 11 years in the cyber security industry. Chris has a degree in Information Technology and also has the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification. Yes, that's a thing. :)


Paul has been working as a software developer and manager for over 17 years and has been working in the cyber security industry for 14 years. Paul has a degree in Computer Science and Software engineering and also has the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification.


Before InvizBox, Elizabeth worked as a software engineer for the national broadcaster in Ireland (RTÉ). Elizabeth has a diploma in Computer Science.


Vincent joins us as our first non-founder employee from Rapid7, a world leader in cyber security. Vincent has 17 years industry experience, most of which is in the cyber security area.

We've had quite a journey

We are growing rapidly and winning awards along the way!

Founded in 2014, InvizBox has won multiple awards since it’s inception including the National Enterprise Award for Innovation, Fingal Dublin Chamber Award for InnovationFingal Enterprise Award, and Jumpstart. Our products have received numerous favourable reviews published in Wired, Forbes, Ars Technica, VPNCompare and Digital Trends.

InvizBox has successfully crowd funded 3 projects on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Join the 10,000+ people who have chosen InvizBox and take back control of your privacy today!

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