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InvizBox 2 redefines what “privacy” routers can do

On the whole, InvizBox 2 does a great job of packaging together privacy-focused networking into a relatively easy-to-use package.

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InvizBox 2 VPN router review

"Instant VPN protection for all your home devices, no apps required"

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VPN Compare Review

"The InvizBox 2 isn’t just a game-changer – it’s actually created a whole new game for others to catch-up to – highly recommended!"


Invizbox Go aims to make mobile privacy painless over any Wi-Fi

"is the only project we've seen that is fully open source and offers a broad range of privacy options, allowing users to make the decision about trade-offs between speed and degree of anonymity."


InvizBox's new routers

"These routers encrypt everything and anything you do online! Invizbox's routers are intended to stop people from installing a VPN on every device connecting to their network"



" it's a great solution for keeping your housemates secure without requiring them to plug into anything or even download any software."

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