Privacy made easy

The InvizBox VPN router makes it easy for you to protect all of your browsing, giving security and privacy to you and your family. You can encrypt all your browsing by simply connecting any device to the InvizBox over WiFi.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Simple. Secure. Private.

Connect it to your home router and that’s it. You connect over WiFi and all of your Internet traffic is now encrypted, ensuring your privacy and security.

Packed full of features

InvizBox uses a VPN connection to encrypt all the traffic coming from your local network.

Easy to use

Easily configurable on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Stream geo-blocked content

View blocked content from anywhere in the world.

Tor mode

Tor mode available for when you want to push the privacy envelope

Super Easy Setup

Simply connect your phone, laptop or other device to any of our products over WiFi and that's it!

Plug it into your router/modem

Connect any device to the InvizBox secure WiFi

Browse online with privacy and security

Wide range of options

Over 10,000 sold worldwide. Get yours now!

Best value

InvizBox 1 Month

InvizBox + 1 months premium VPN subscription and online support. Now shipping! 6.50 flat rate worldwide shipping.


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Best value

InvizBox 3 Month

InvizBox + 3 months premium VPN subscription and online support. Now shipping! 6.50 flat rate worldwide shipping.


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Secure and Open Source

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in cyber security and privacy protection.

Open Source

Allows other security experts to examine our code, ensuring the best security

No Log VPN

We have partnered with Windscribe to bring you privacy, speed and incredible streaming support

No leaks

If the VPN goes down for any reason, InvizBox automatically blocks all your outbound traffic for your security

Auto Updates

Secure, regular and automatic updates flashed automatically to your VPN router - we have already pushed over 50 updates!

Access websites and media without restrictions

Want to stream content that's not available where you are? Tired of getting told you're not in the right country? With InvizBox your real IP address and location disappear. You can choose from a range of cities in over 30 countries.

Control your Network

See who’s connected to your home network. Block any devices you don’t recognise through any web browser. Secure your connected home.

"These routers encrypt everything and anything you do online"