Convert anonabox to InvizBox

Today we are going to show you how to convert your anonabox into a fully working InvizBox.

Why? read here or here to read about the various problems with anonabox. Also, we Rock! No really we do. All joking aside InvizBox is much better and will provide:

  • Regular updates – no need to send back to supplier to update.
  • Ability to change almost everything
    • No more “anonabox” WIFI. Call it what you want.
  • Change password to whatever you want.
  • Ability to configure Tor bridges, HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies.
  • Pluggable Transports in the form of obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit.
  • GeoIP functionality (block or allow exit nodes by country)
  • VPN capabilities.
  • Plus lots more functionality over time.


It’s simple. It will take 5 steps. Yes, that simple. You will need a knife or screwdriver to open the box, an Ethernet cable, a USB cable and your laptop or other computer. No other tools are necessary and no “hacking” or anything like that. Just those few things and the ability to follow instructions. Lets begin!

Disclaimer: Anything you do here is at your own risk. Following this guide will void your anonabox warranty. We are not responsible for any problems that arise.

Download the correct InvizBox image from openwrt-invizbox-1-2-1-for-anonabox before you start. You will need it later. MD5sum is 0964b50752aa1cacf0017ef136197ddb.

Step 1. – Open the anonabox

Probably the easiest part to do. Take the anonabox in one hand.

Carefully insert the knife / screwdriver into the points shown in the below picture one at a time and pry the unit open. Don’t be too shy. It’s plastic and it bends. 😀

Carefully take the anonabox board out of the upper and lower outside casing. Gently remove the third and final piece of casing by teasing the plastic away from one of the ethernet ports. Have a look around.


 Step 2. – Setup PC

Here you need to know how to set a static IP on the computer you’re connecting from. To do that, follow the guides below for the OS of choice.

Mac and Windows – Mac OSWindowsUbuntu

Set the static IP to be




 Step 3. – Connect PC to anonabox

Disconnect from any WIFI networks you may currently be connected to. Connect the Ethernet cable from the PC to the anonabox LAN port (the port opposite the USB power socket).

Almost ready – are you excited?


 Step 4. – Boot anonabox into Recovery

Probably the trickiest part 😉

Note : From this point onwards there is no turning back. At a minimum you will reset the device to base OpenWRT.

Look at the picture above. See the reset button next to the LAN port? That’s the key to unlocking the device.

Press and hold the reset button down (push black towards white) and simultaneously plug in the USB power cable.

The LED will go green, flash briefly then should be static. If it’s flashing continuously then you need to repeat this step.

Open a browser and go to

Bingo! You are almost done if you see the screen below.


 Step 5. – Install InvizBox

So here it is; The final step. You’re sweating. It was so hard to get to this point but it will all be worth it.

Click the “click here to browse your image!” on the Recovery UI.

Browse for the image file that you downloaded at the start and select it.

Click “Upload”. The page will inform you the image is being uploaded, which is nice. Similar to this:


This can take some time. DO NOT INTERRUPT IT! When it has completed it will look similar to this:



Your anonabox is now an InvizBox. Reboot it by unplugging and replugging in the USB power cable. Enjoy your new, useful and configurable device and please read our manual locate
d on the support page.


Default WIFI password = “needtochange”. You need to change this.

There is no password to login to the admin interface. You need to connect to the InvizBox WIFI (or LAN) and browse to and change both the UI and WIFI passwords before the unit will connect to Tor (we’re protecting you from yourself here :)).

ONCE AGAIN: The router and Tor will not function properly until you change your password for UI login and WIFI and restart Tor.

Once you’ve changed these two passwords from the default, restart Tor from the Tor status page and you should be all set up and working

Sorry for this extra step but we wanted to make sure it was secured it a bit better 🙂 A normal InvizBox comes with a long, belrandom password.

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