Has InvizBox won any awards?

Founded in 2014, InvizBox has won multiple awards since it’s inception including National Enterprise Award for Innovation Fingal Dublin Chamber Award for Innovation Fingal Enterprise Award Jumpstart

How do I contact support?

If you need to contact support for any reason, they can easily be contacted from the Helpdesk. Please Note: The Customer Support response time is within 1 working day.

InvizBox Support PGP Keys

We offer customers the ability to contact InvizBox Support using secure communications using PGP. For security we generate a new PGP key every year which is valid until the 31st December. We will update the PGP key every time we generate a new one. The Public Key for InvizBox Support for 2021 is: —–BEGIN PGP … Continued

Warrant Canary

Once per month, InvizBox will publish a warrant canary by releasing a cryptologically signed message containing the following information: A declaration that up to that point, no warrants have been served nor have any searches or seizures taken place. This declaration will be made by a member of Senior Management. A public knowledge event which … Continued

Does InvizBox keep logs?

InvizBox was built by people passionate about privacy and security. As such InvizBox DOES NOT log it’s users, either through direct data or meta data. This includes (but is not limited to): IP Address Server Location Internet Service Provider (ISP) Region connecting from Region connecting to Amount of Data transferred Metadata can be used by … Continued

Where is InvizBox based?

InvizBox is based in Dublin, Ireland. The advantages of being based in Ireland include not being members of the 14 Eyes intelligence sharing agreement but customers and site visitors are protected by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Where is the InvizBox made?

InvizBox units are manufactured in China and are then shipped to our offices in Dublin, Ireland. Before we send out any unit to a customer, we; inspect the unit for damage, reflash the unit to ensure security, package the unit with the accessories, seal the unit packaging with security tape, and, ship the unit via … Continued