InvizBox 2 Pro Technical Specs

InvizBox 2 Pro Technical Specs Hardware Specifications Software Specifications Feature list * Throughput speed is dependant on connection type, provider, contention and device usage

Can I use multiple VPNs at the same time?

Yes, however this is unsupported by InvizBox. The InvizBox is configured to work with one VPN service and provide a number of different regions utilising the preconfigured VPN provider. Our motto is ‘Privacy Made Easy’ It is possible to configure multiple VPNs on the InvizBox however due to the risk of damage to the InvizBox … Continued

Can it be used in parallel with another InvizBox

Yes. Whilst the InvizBox can be used in conjunction with other InvizBox, they do not provide a mesh network experience. This means that mobile devices will not automatically jump between access points to receive the best connection, and networks channels may cause some interference if not configured correctly.

Does the InvizBox Go use GSM?

No. The InvizBox Go does not offer GSM (Mobile Data) functionality. Our Engineering team intends to offer GSM functionality in a future version of the InvizBox Go.

How is the InvizBox Go powered?

The InvizBox Go has an internal battery. The battery can be easily recharged using the supplied USB cable (or another suitable alternative).