Does the InvizBox Go use GSM?

No. The InvizBox Go does not offer GSM (Mobile Data) functionality. Our Engineering team intends to offer GSM functionality in a future version of the InvizBox Go.

How is the InvizBox Go powered?

The InvizBox Go has an internal battery. The battery can be easily recharged using the supplied USB cable (or another suitable alternative).

InvizBox Go Technical Specs

InvizBox Go Technical Specs Hardware Specifications CPU: Dualcore MIPS Speed: 880Mhz RAM: 256MB Input: 5V / 1A Output: 5V / 1.5A Size: 125 x 70 x 12.5 mm Weight: 300g WiFi: Up to 300Mbps* over clearnet. VPN: Up to 50MBs* Range: Up to 10m Software Specifications OS: OpenWrt based. Protocols: OpenVPN Supported VPNs: InvizBox Modes: … Continued