Does the InvizBox Go use GSM?

No. The InvizBox Go does not offer GSM (Mobile Data) functionality. Our Engineering team intends to offer GSM functionality in a future version of the InvizBox Go.

InvizBox Go Technical Specs

InvizBox Go Technical Specs Hardware Specifications CPU: Dualcore MIPS Speed: 880Mhz RAM: 256MB Input: 5V / 1A Output: 5V / 1.5A Size: 125 x 70 x 12.5 mm Weight: 300g WiFi: Up to 300Mbps* Range: Upto 10m Throughput: Up to 300Mbps* Software Specifications OS: OpenWrt Linux Protocols: OpenVPN Supported VPNs: InvizBox Modes: Wifi Extender, Tor … Continued