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What is InvizBox Go?

InvizBox Go is a small discrete personal privacy and security device. InvizBox Go will secure your internet devices when you are at home / work and when you’re out and about or travelling. It is a portable device that features a battery to secure all of your devices when you’re using public WiFi connections (e.g. at a coffee shop or hotel).


Why the Go over the original

  • Vastly improved speeds – 5X the compute power, 5X the throughput
  • Protect all your devices 24 / 7 at home
  • Use any public WiFi securely
  • Charges your mobile devices on the go
  • WiFi extender mode
  • Automatic firmware security updates
  • 10 hour runtime
  • Large 5000mAh battery

InvizBox Go has featured in: Ars Technica, BGR, Ubergizmo, The Journal, Barron’s, VPNCompare.co.uk, Goos3d, GreyCoder, VPN Fan and many more!


Small, Discrete, Fits in your Pocket or leave it running at home!

  • Protect all of your devices, 24/7 when at home and when out and about with nothing to install.
  • Access your favorite TV, sports and media content you can’t currently reach with our fast, secure, reliable VPN service.
  • Block ads without installing anything.
  • 12 Months VPN included.
  • Recharge your portable devices.
  • Extend your Wifi network.
  • Easy setup.
  • Enhanced Tor experience for premium subscribers.
  • Elevates insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS where possible.
  • Optional Windows10 “tracking domain” blocking.
  • Secure auto updates.
  • Fully Open Source! Nothing to hide means peace of mind for everyone.

How It works


VPN Details

The InvizBox Go uses one of the best in the world VPN providers. IPVanish.

  • Over 200 anonymous VPN servers in 60+ countries.
  • No usage or traffic logs… ever.
  • Our network, our servers, our apps. No third parties.
  • Encrypted over OpenVPN


Protect All of your devices Everywhere

As soon as you’re connected to InvizBox Go, you’re safe. Safe from tracking and profiling by people, governments, companies and hackers who you neither know or trust. InvizBox Go uses either a VPN connection or a connection to Tor to fully protect your local network.

You can simultaneously connect every WiFi enabled device in your house to the InvizBox Go to secure them all. You connect just like you would with your normal WiFi. You can also take it with you while travelling to keep all of your devices safe from untrusted public networks in hotels, coffee shops, etc.

Why Us?


Learn more about InvizBox

What is InvizBox?

InvizBox is a small, low power device that helps provide an easy-to-use method of protecting your privacy on the Internet. The InvizBox sends all your network traffic from connected devices into the Tor anonymity network. It is simple to use with nowconfiguration needed and it comes with its own Tor Wi-Fi wireless access point. You plug the InvizBox into your existing router/modem. It then creates a new wifi hotspot which you connect any of your devices (laptop, phone, etc.) to. You can also connect your laptop or computer via a LAN cable. There is an excellent, in-depth review over on Ars Technica.



    • Pluggable Transports in the form of obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit. All configurable in the Tor Admin UI. We built obfsclient https://github.com/yawning/obfsclient To read more about pluggable transports head over here.
    • GeoIP Configuration. All configurable in the Tor Admin UI. Stop the “Five Eyes” or in acronym land “FVEY” or choose which countries you allow as exit nodes.
    • Prevent exploit of WebRTC IP disclosure vulnerability on Firefox and Chrome
    • Secure Shipping with tamper evident stickers
    • Individual unique passwords per device
    • SSH/Dropbear
    • Hand verified and tested in Dublin before shipped to ensure security and quality

Why do you need Invizbox?

We all have a right to privacy, a right to protect our personal information, data, location and internet behavior.  You may think you have nothing to “hide”, or you aren’t doing anything “wrong” that would require investigation by third parties but neither do we. That doesn’t mean that we have to leave ourselves open to tracking and profiling by people, governments, companies, hackers etc. who we neither know or trust. Invizbox provides an easy solution to give you back control over who & what you choose to disclose your personal information to.

Most people don’t know how to go about protecting their privacy on the Internet and with InvizBox you don’t need technical know-how to gain dramatically increased privacy levels.